Silvana Pregnant & Milking

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Silvana Pregnant & Milking
We do not film XXX. We go as far as a heavy “R” rating sometimes pushing into an “X”. Some do full spreads & play with our glass dildo. Our focus here is pregnancy, the belly & when we can we try to get some milk out those swollen nipples. If XXX porn bores you but you still ENJOY looking at pregnant naked women then this series is a perfect fit… In pornos men spoil the view!!! More of the woman naked in 5 minutes of our videos than the typical porno shows in 90+ minutes.

Silvana is just 4’9.5” tall & we see her at about 8.5 months – for the first 21 minutes, followed immediately with almost 24 minutes if our lactation session. What is most striking about both sessions is simply the size, shape & color of her DVD sized areolas. Something (O)(O) that is simply impossible to ignore. Even bigger when she is pumping & squeezing milk out of the boobs. A movie experience that stays with you


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