Michelle Monaghan and Karina Heart – Tittie Training Camp! – December 19, 2012

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Michelle Monaghan and Karina Heart – Tittie Training Camp! – December 19, 2012
Here is a wonderful scene to warm your heart and stiffen your stalk! Karina Heart and Michelle Monaghan keep themselves in tip-top flopper form at the Tittie Training Camp! Yes, there are many things these ladies do to make sure they are splendid for their scenes. Outfitted in tight see-thru t-shirts and colorful shorts, Karina and Michelle go through various routines that keep their paps at the peak of pretty perfection! While Karina bounces those 34H jugs on the trampoline, Michelle does leg raises on the ground. What a beautiful pair of thighs Miss Monaghan has! But we can’t take our eyes off Karina’s jumping for long. Oh the glories of her gazongas they jiggle and roll in that top with each bounce into the air!! Any flying insects fluttering by are lucky to banged on their antennae by those colossal zeppelins! Meanwhile Michelle continues to work out her gams, and show us her 32G cleavage. But then it’s her turn on the trampoline, while Karina does some jump-rope. Holy moly, brothers, what a show!! Michelle’s melons flying upwards and downwards with each bounce are literally what photography was invented for!! Yes, this is a sight for a time capsule! And our cameras capture both gals in the frame at the same time, with Karina jostling her jumbos as she skips rope, and Michelle quaking the molecules of the atmosphere with every shake of her squachies! The ladies wind down with some drinks from long-stemmed bottles…but wouldn’t you know it, most of the liquid ends up on their knockers! In high spirits they pour their drinks over each other. And then it’s time for Michelle to skip rope for awhile herself. By the gods, what a wonderful scene, all these huge beautiful tits wet and shiny in the open air! Ah, life is good when you’re stacked!!



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