Lily and Pamela – Flopper Fetish Festival! – December 05, 2012

Monday, July 1, 2013


Lily and Pamela – Flopper Fetish Festival! – December 05, 2012
Here’s a hot roleplay scenario for you starring two of our sexiest booby babes, Lily from Russia and Pamela from Hungary! Lily is a hardhat doing an interior construction job, and she’s noticed that Pamela, the executive woman whose apartment is being renovated, keeps coming around to “supervise.” What’s up with that? thinks Lily, a mischievous little wildcat with 34C puppies in her wifebeater tee-shirt. Smoking a cigarette on the job, which Pamela doesn’t approve of, Lily then decides to see what else is on Pamela’s mind…by dripping some yogurt on the snooty bitch when she walks under the scaffold. “Oh, Miss Pamela, I’m so sorry,” says Lily, her sarcasm barely hidden, as she clambers down with a napkin to wipe off the goo from Pam’s 34C chest. But Lily notices that Pamela is more than susceptible to such touching…in fact, when Pamela presses Lily’s head closer to her cleavage, Lily knows she’s on her way to hooter heaven! Lily here is a no-frills kind of gal, a working babe who prides herself on being rough ‘n’ rough, while Pamela is strictly white-collar upper crust, what with her fancy lacy boulder holder and all. But when the two of them kiss, all class barriers are down as Pamela reveals that she just wants to get off like anybody else. She’s eager not only to have Lily lick her titties, but to drip more yogurt on them to lick! And she does the same on Lily’s knockers too, lapping the goo off her nips. Putting aside the yogurt, the ladies concentrate on some of the other tasty delights their bodies can offer. Lily hefts Pam’s jugs and then goes down on her lovely naked slit. Then the two gals get down on the floor, mostly out of their duds, and Lily sucks on Pam’s nipples while Pam rubs her beautifully pink-manicured fingers against Lily’s quim. The babes do a titty-69, sucking on each other’s knobs and then rubbing them together as they lay on the dusty floor, and then Pam plays deeply with Lily’s snatch. But would you believe it? They top off this flesh festival of fabulous floppers with more yogurt for dessert, which leaves their racks covered in the goo!



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