Katarina – Look, Learn, And Lust! – February 11, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Katarina – Look, Learn, And Lust! – February 11, 2013
Any week that starts out with Katarina is already headed in the right direction! There are so many things about this blue-eyed Czech gal that captivate us, and this new scene is virtually a textbook on her enormous appeal! Look at her, learn how beautiful she is, and the lust will wash over you just like water courses down her gorgeous body. Starting off with her 34DD-25-37 figure wrapped in a fluffy turquoise towel, Miss K flirts with her fantastical cleavage and those world-class blue bedroom eyes before unveiling her mouthwatering beauties, and our cameraman captures them in all their sensual splendor, right down to the goose bumps around her nipples when she first drops the towel and the cool air of the bathroom envelops her nudity. She poses so many perfect ways, showing off her curves with her arms above her head, or behind the door of the shower stall, pressing her bells against the glass
or leaning against the tile wall, giving us both sideboob views and an incredible vista of her round glorious butt. She tugs and tweaks her nipples, rinses herself with the shower spray, and lotions up those knockers until they gleam with sticky goo
and all the while keeps teasing us with her playful eyes and smile. What a knockout of a woman she is, and worthy of a million loads a day from every corner of the earth! Let’s declare this Katarina Day, and stroke accordingly!



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