Babz Pregnant – 8.5 Months

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Babz Pregnant – 8.5 Months
We do not film xxx. We go as far as heavy “R”rating. Some do full spreads & play with our glass dildos. Our focus is breast & nipples with a good luck at everything else. The amateurs set the level of nudity & play they are comfortable with. If xxx porn bores you but you still ENJOY looking at naked women then this series is a perfect fit…In pornos men spoil the view!!! More of the woman naked in 5 minutes of our videos than the typical porno shows in 90+minutes.

We squeezed a lot into the 30 minutes of video with Babz. She spreads her hairy pussy and we simply loved the popping veins across her nipples and the well defined bulls-eye nipples she has. A most unique and unusual look … something you might not see in more than 3 out of 500 women. More likely to be seen during pregnancy. A fine session that covers a lot of ground in a very, very intimate way! A real cutie!


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