16986 – Michelle Monaghan and Karina Heart – Jiggly Joyful Jug Show! – October 17, 2012

Sunday, March 10, 2013


16986 – Michelle Monaghan and Karina Heart – Jiggly Joyful Jug Show! – October 17, 2012
As if all the delights we’ve delivered so far this week weren’t enough, check out Karina Heart and Michelle Monaghan horsing around with a garden hose! Michelle is relaxing on the lawn when Karina turns on the sprinklers, and the next thing you know our girls are bouncing around on the grass in their bikinis, spraying each other with the water. Karina takes the blasts of water in stride as they hit her zebra-skin bikini, and Michelle is a riot of mirth as her turquoise polka dot number gets drenched by Karina in turn. About midway into the scene, they start to take off their suits, and eventually we get to see Michelle’s 32G gazongas and Karina’s 34H hooters on full naked display. The girls do mock battle over the hose, with the green water spout shifting from Karina to Michelle and then back. The water sprays up between Michelle’s tits–wouldn’t she make a great water fountain, huh? Can you imagine running up to her in a park and taking a drink from the water spouting up between her knobs? The gals also spray each other on their lovely butts as well. Sun-kissed and happy, their combined 66 inches of bountiful boobage is a joy to behold!



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