Top Heavy Tarts 5

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Top Heavy Tarts 5

Stars: Rodney Moore, Vanessa James, Barry Scott, Kala Prettyman, Moxxie Maddron, Jaylynn Rose, Zachary Highland, Jenna Doll
Milkshake Girl
Vanessa James & Rodney
Rodney orders a chocolate shake from the soda pop girl. Either there’s aphrodisiac in the malted milk or this girl is too fucking hot, because Rodney has to jerk off immediately. He begs for a look at her huge natural breasts, then gets her on her knees, sucking on his candy stick. He pours his vanilla shake all over her mouth.

Hot Air Balloon Girl
Jenna Doll & Barry Scott

Fix My Pain
Kala Prettyman & Rodney
Rodney is hitting on Kala at a cafe with no luck. About to give up, he suddenly gets a sharp stabbing pain in his groin. He begs her to help him, whips down his pants and asks her if she sees anything unusual. Nothing there but an erect penis. Well now she has to suck it. Now she has to take it in her pussy. Now she needs cum on her face.

Skinny Dippin’ Hour
Jaylynn Rose & Zachary Highland

Where’s the Vampire?
Moxxie Maddron & Rodney
Rodney the Vampire Hunter has caught Moxxie, the Vampire’s latest victim. It’s too late to save her, but if he can get her to tell him where the Vampire is, he can save others. Of course, it’s not too late to have sex with her, and how can he pass up someone with such great, huge tits!!


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