Top Heavy Tarts 8

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Top Heavy Tarts 8

Stars: Rodney Moore, Nicole Banks, Alanna Ackerman, Ralph Long, Ginger Blaze, Claire Dames, Brooke Scott, Jack Fountain, Bianca Trump, Seth Dickens


Alanna Ackerman & Jack Fountain
It’s Alanna’s first night working at a Strip Club and she’s shy and nervous dancing for Jack Fountain. He tells her she’s a natural and soon they go in the back for a Couch Dance. Being sweet and naive, she lets Jack break the no-touching rule by first letting his hands rub all over her beautiful body and then by letting his cock in her mouth. She gives him head and then gets up on his lap and rides his stiff dick while her big tits flop every which way. He turns her around and fucks her some more before cumming all over her face and rack.

Claire Dames, Brooke Scott, Ralph Long and Seth Dickens
Claire is locked up for being a cock-crazed slut. Doctor Seth, Nurse Brooke and Ralph the Orderly are all trying to help her control her sex drive but there doesn’t seem to be much they can do, so Doctor Seth prescribes for her a double-dose of cock. Nurse Brooke wants some too and so they get down on their knees and open wide. Claire is in cock heaven, smacking it across her face and between her tits. Nurse Brooke is happily sucking off the Doctor before he takes Claire from behind and fucks her nice and hard. Both men coat her big rack with medicinal splooge. Nurse Brooke laps it up, then spits it back into Claire’s mouth.

Nicole Banks, Ginger Blaze & Rodney
Rodney wins a Badminton game and gets to have his way with Nicole and Ginger, which is more than okay with them since they are a couple of hot, horny sluts. He shows them his fetish toys, like the Queening Chair. He lies underneath and gets a mouthful of Ginger. Then he bangs them both and shoots a Rodney Blast on their faces.

Kitten & Rodney
Kitten is applying for a waitress job at a strip club. Though her resume is good enough to wait tables, her rack of natural DD breasts are perfect for stripping. Rodney gets her to take her clothes off and it turns out her whole body is amazing. He tells her that she could make a lot of money by stripping but even more tips in the back. He takes his cock out and shows her what goes on in the VIP room. She drops to her knees and opens her mouth. It turns out she’s a natural cock sucker. She not only gets the job, she gets a Rodney Blast in the face and mouth.

Bianca Trump & Rodney
After Rodney helps Bianca take her pictures, she helps relieve him of his goo by taking a Monster Facial.


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