0745_16240 – Leanne Crow – You’ll drool & squirt! – February 24, 2012 – 125 pics – 24min vids

Friday, September 7, 2012


16240 – Leanne Crow – You’ll drool & squirt! – February 24, 2012 – 125 pics – 24min vids
Make way for Leanne Crow as this mega-stacked doll shows up in an office setting to give us one of her trademark teases. Practically bursting out of her white blouse, dressed in her black patterned miniskirt, tan thigh-high stockings, and heels, Leanne rests against a desk. Looking at us over the top of her glasses, she knows we’re horny to see her 34H hooters, but she’s going to take her sweet time about exposing herself. After showing us her butt in the skirt, she then opens her blouse so we can see her jugs pushing over the top of her lacy boulder-holder. Our cameras capture lots of shots of her tits in the bra, until finally she peels off her skirt and we get to see her hips in her panties too. The tease continues as Leanne very gradually tugs off her bra, but still doesn’t show us her nipples until she’s sure we’re drooling for them, and our nuts are blue from being tantalized. Then finally her humongous mouthwatering knockers are unveiled in their ever-amazing nudity, with Leanne’s head almost looking small in comparison. With her bosom bare, Leanne goes into even higher gear with the teasing, leaning over us and pressing those enormous knobs together, grinning almost as if she can hear the sound of our intense wanking at the sights we have been hungering to see. She squeezes those two colossal loaves of lust together, presenting her nipples to us, before switching her tactics and taking down her panties. Leanne plays “tease and deny” with her snatch, and so while she keeps showing us her gigantic glands, she covers up her crotch as always with her well-manicured hands. Then she sits back down on the desk, naked now, and looks at us over her glasses as if she knows she’s got us exactly where she wants us–squirting for those tits of hers again and again. But we still pray to the Gods of Vagina that someday she will also show us the peach below her paps!



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