Cassidi Jai

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Cassidi Jai

Stars: Cassidi Jai

Cassidi Jai is 25 with enormous 33 HHH boobs. Introduces herself. Lifts up her shirt. Shows off her black bra. Wiggles her boobs up & down by her bra straps. Jumping up & down in bra. Running in place. Same in slow motion. SLow motion jumping. Jumping jacks in slow motion. Jumping & turning in slow motion. Same with the camera turned 90 degrees. Pulls her bra down. Pushes her boobs together. Wiggles her her boobs using her upper arms. Leans forward with her hands between her boobs. Does our Bermuda Triangle pose with her right boob. Boob juggling. Colliding boobs. Colliding boobs as seen from a very low angle. Nipple to nipple touching. Slow motion colliding boobs seen from a low angle. Leans forward & swings her boobs left to right. Same in slow motion. WIggles the boobs forward & backwards in the same position in slow motion. Slow motion wiggling with a side view in slow motion. Lifts her boobs way up & drops them in slow motion. Slow motion bra toss which hits the camera. Slow motion topless jogging. Jump & wiggle combo in slow motion. Single jumps in a side view. Jumping & catching her boobs in slow motion. More jumping jacks.

Same in slow motion. The over & under pose. Drops her boobs again. Lifts her boobs by holding onto the skin above her right nipple. Does the same with both boobs. Gets out of her pants. Tosses them. Now just in panties. Leans forward with a view of her boobs as seen between her legs. Side to side wiggle. Then front to back wiggle. More wiggles as seen from various angles. Cassidi on her back wiggles & juggles her boobs. pushes her boobs by holding them under her nipples. Wiggling with her hands on the left & right side of her boobs. A slow undulating motion. Lifts her boobs by her nipples. Her boobs bouncing against her chin. Lifts her butt into the air & her boobs are separated by her chin. A view of this from above her pussy. Wiggles her legs. On her back lets her boobs wiggle forward & backwards while laughing uncontrollably. Several variations of this.

Same in slow motion. Right boob wiggle while still on her back. Lifts & wiggles her boobs by lifting them up by her nipples. Bounces them up & down. We walk around her a bit. Rolls from side to side & her boobs follow with just a little lag time. On her side. Our medium sized vacuum cup is attached to her right nipple. She bounces the tit about. Pulls up & down some. Pulls up & down. Wiggling & pulling in slow motion until the breast falls away. We switch to the left side. Wiggles the boob side to side. We switch to our smallest vacuum cup, then to our largest cup which for most models sucks up their entire boob. Wiggles her right side back & forth in slow motion. The boob falls away. We attach our vacuum device which is a screw in place device which has intense pulling power. We measure her nipple (areola) followed by a boob choke & wiggle sequence.

Same in slow motion. Another slow motion boob choke wiggle. From the floor looking up at her boobs as she jumps up & down. A most unique perspective which I am sure most have never seen before Same in slow motion. Wiggles her ass while holding her boobs way high. Leans forward & does a variety of wiggles with some in slow motion. Wiggles her boobs by pushing on the upper portion of her boobs well above the nipple area. On her back, then arching her back wiggling her boob as we look from an above her head vantage point. Same in slow motion. Now in a hart, dress & heels. Wiggles her boobs in her dress. Turns about. Leans forward & lets her boobs fall out of her top. Wiggles the boobs about. Squats down with her boobs between her legs. Bounces her butt up & down. Sits down with her legs wide apart. Leans forward with her hands on her shoe straps… Still wearing her yellow framed glasses. With her legs wide apart boobs between her legs wiggles her boobs by flexing the muscles under her boobs. We try it with just one boob. We put Cassidi Jai into a silvery one piece swimsuit which is way too small for actual size. Her waist is bulging out a bit. Wiggles her butt.

Same in slow motion. Boob bouncing while still in her swimsuit. Pulls down the top of her swimsuit & her boobs show again. Drops the suit to the floor & does a small squat to the ground now totally bottomless. Pussy view. Lifts her legs up & leans back. Legs put into a “V”, then she leans forward & grabs her ankles. Squishes a Dr. Pepper can flat with her right boob. Slow motion jumping in a tiger stripped bikini top. The boobs kind of spill out as we watch in slow motion. Here is the dildo portion of our session. She picks a dildo & immediately puts it in her mouth. Places the dildo between her boobs. Licks the tip of the dildo as it rats between her boobs. We scan her body. Puts the dildo UNDER her left boob & smothers it. Wiggles her body up & down by lifting her pelvis & butt area up & down. Starts to play with the dildo in her pussy. Slides it up & down her crack. Various plays with the dildo on different portion of her pussy including her lit & her pussy well spread. The dildo play is almost 6 minutes long & just a small portion of what we captured. Royalty Free Music from our giant collection. From a collection called “dance Drama”.


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