Luscious Latin Exotic

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Luscious Latin Exotic

We do not film XXX. We go as far as a heavy “R” rating. Some do full spreads & play with our glass dildos. Our focus is breasts & nipples with a good look at everything else. The amateurs set the level of nudity 7 play they are comfortable with. If XXX porn bores you but you still ENJOY looking at naked women then this series is a perfect fit…In pornos men spoil the view!!! More of the women naked in 5 minutes of our videos than the typical porno show in 90+ minutes.

A very exotic look from another one of our Latin models. If you think she has big boobs now…Just imagine that this is her “LOOK” after a reduction. Her boobs have nice bounce & wiggle to them & she is a joy to be around. Watch as we zoom in on her pussy to discover inner pussy lips that simply defy description, with large protrusions with a bumpy texture & natural wetness. She was not afraid to show you everything!


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Duration : 00:33:20

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