0714_16435 – Shione Cooper – Direct hit on our libidos! – May 07, 2012 – 115 pics – 24min vids

Saturday, July 28, 2012


16435 – Shione Cooper – Direct hit on our libidos! – May 07, 2012 – 115 pics – 24min vids
Shione Cooper returns to our site and our erections are up and throbbing! Dressed in the “seductive secretary” mode in a shiny cream-colored blouse open to reveal her cleavage, as well as a black skirt and patterned thigh-high nylons, Miss Cooper quickly takes over the office with her quiet authority, girlish but all-knowing face, and of course the cock-stiffening charisma of her 36DD rack. Opening her blouse, Shione exposes more of her cleavage as it plumps against her black and pink lacy bra, and she flashes her matching panties too. Then she stands up and peels off her outer clothes so we can see her arrayed in the dark lingerie which tantalizingly accents her lush curves. Whether posing with her hands on her hips or her upper arms pressing her still-brassiered boobs together, she’s got us where she wants us: thoroughly entranced with our peckers nestled in our palms! Finally she takes down the bra. Ohmigosh, her nipples seem even bigger and more suckable than ever! She teases us with her tits, pressing her small hands above them, or squeezing them with her fingers, or pushing them up with her elbows like sex bombs aimed right at our psyches. KABOOM! Direct hit on our libidos! It’s hard to keep those loads inside our scrotums when Miss Shione turns the full force of her sultry blue eyes upon us and pouts her lips. She lays across the desk, showing off her butt and treating us to sideboob angles, before standing over us toward the end and getting us in the proper position for jug worship from below, so we can jack our dicks and pray to her paps like the ancients hailed comets and meteors as avatars of goddesses come to earth! Because even at her youthful age, Shione Cooper is clearly one of the most divine of Busty Legends. The semen she makes us squirt across our mitts proves her status time and again!



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