0701_16512 – Choky Ice & Pamela M. – She Loves to be Watched! – June 06, 2012 – 130 pics – 29min vids

Monday, July 16, 2012


16512 – Choky Ice & Pamela M. – She Loves to be Watched! – June 06, 2012 – 130 pics – 29min vids
That sensational newcomer Pamela M. is back, and this time the Hungarian beauty entertains us by showing how she puts her 34C jugs to good use with Choky Ice. When the scene opens, he’s reading a magazine, but it looks as if he’s been running late for their appointment, and she’s a little miffed. But makeup sex is on the agenda because soon he’s sliding his hand into her blouse and fondling her rack through her satiny bra. Pamela warms to him quickly, pressing his face into her cleavage and then pulling down her cups so he can suck on her nips. A little ass worship happens through her jeans, then on her bare butt
followed by Pamela switching positions and getting on her knees so she can blow Choky’s scimitar-shaped cock, which juts up into her mouth with a curve. Wow, Pam has impressive skills, throating his thick meat almost down to the nuts!! Pressing his prick between her knockers, she prepares him for her pussy, into which that fortunate tool travels a few minutes later, once she pulls aside the lacy crotch of her panties. We like how Pamela looks right at us with a smile as she’s getting fucked in the doggie mode, pleasured by the thrusts of her bull! They get on the couch and fuck spoon-style for awhile, with Pamela continuing to look into our eyes and inviting our sperm to shoot uncontrollably for her enjoyment. She takes Choky’s shaft in her hand and blows him some more, leaning over his crotch and scarfing down those inches like a champ. Then she sits on his meat and squeezes her tits as she rides him…always gazing at us while her pussy moves up and down on that gigantic pork! Kneeling and sucking him some more, cramming his mouth onto her snatch, Pamela gets her fill of Mr. Ice and then finally allows him to blow his cream between her tits and into her mouth. Then she turns toward us once more with that friendly blue-eyed smile, cum dripping out of her lips, squeezing her gooey boobs together to give us a final thrill…and definitely another couple of spurts!!



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