0691_16645 – Angela White – The Stunner From Down Under! – June 29, 2012 – 120 pics – 33min vids

Saturday, July 7, 2012


16645 – Angela White – The Stunner From Down Under! – June 29, 2012 – 120 pics – 33min vids
Angela White returns for her seventh appearance on our site and this time we’ve given the Australian model a little national atmosphere for her photos. We’ve got a stuffed kangaroo in the background, a stuffed crocodile, and…a ten-legged spider?? Do spiders have ten legs down in Oz?? Yikes!! Well, as Angela proves with her 36Gs, there’s no question they grow big boobs Down There. She’s bursting out of her fringed bikini top, but not for long because she gratifies our desires by baring those bells pretty quickly. Ye gods, they are huge and a sight for horny eyes! She poses them all the ways we like, holding her hands above them, and pressing her mitts against her nips, and tugging on her teats and pressing them toward us like torpedos at our libidos! Bullseye! Angela stands on the coffee table and lets the kangaroo get a good look at her ass in the fringed bottom of her bikini. Miss White is enough to bring any inanimate object to life, so you can imagine what happens when she’s looked upon by animate objects like our eyes and the dicks that are fed by such sights!! Our cameras follow Angela around, getting great low-angle shots that put every member of our site in the “Suckling Seat” so they can imagine opening their mouths wide as those pendulous paps descend for some nurturing num-num action. Then Angela lays down on her back and the cameras shoot from above as her glands sway and jiggle across her torso and she flirtily sticks a finger in her mouth. Watch out, that kangaroo looks ready to strike! Hey, do kangaroos attack men out of jealousy over women?? If anybody could stimulate the green-eyed monster in non-primates, it could be this foxy Aussie! However, ignoring her kangaroo suitor, she takes out a black dildo and gives it the tit-fuck we all crave from her. Into her pussy goes that phallus, too! Don’t worry, get close and watch–that crocodile underneath the table won’t bite! He’s strictly stuffed, but like everything else in the room, seems more alive because of the scintillating presence of Miss Angela White!



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