Boss Lady – DeLacroix Vs. Kim

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Boss Lady – DeLacroix Vs. Kim

Stars: Raven de la Croix, Kim Watson

Released: 1987

Super-pimp Max sticks his head Madam (Raven DeLaCroix) on the new hooker invading their territory (Kim Watson)!! Raven approaches Kim and tries to come to amends, but it won’t end pretty. These ladies catfight until the weakest person hails to give in. Poor Kim thought she was ready to fight for the territory, but Raven won.


Downloading Big Busty Movie 0652_BU_ | 1297 Mb

File Name : 0652_BU_Boss_Lady_-_DeLacroix_VsKim.wmv
File Size : 300.97 MB
Resolution : 636×480
Duration : 00:31:37

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