Saggy Daphne DDs

Monday, May 14, 2012


Saggy Daphne DDs

Stars: Daphne

Daphne is a young 28 with the most fabulous natural saggy breasts we have ever seen. We have a total of 39 slow motion sequences in her session. The session starts with an intro. Takes her top off and gets down to the bra. An easy DD. Pops past the straps and peels the bra cups down and, as she does so, the boobs start a beautiful downward slide. A bit of jiggling and juggling. Rather big (although lightly colored) areolas. Lifts and drops her boobs. Same in slow motion. Bermuda Triangle pose. Wiggles her right boob from that position. Arms under her boobs. Another wiggle. Same in slow motion. Look at that grin on her face. Boob juggling at a frantic pace. Same in slow motion. Swings her boobs form side to side. Same in slow motion. Jumping and boob bouncing. Some of these sequences you can hear the boobs slapping against her chest. That’s why we left the music as a softer, slower selection. Running in place while turning. Same in slow motion. Running. Same in slow motion. Jumping jacks. Same in slow motion. Tosses her bra which was around her waist. Bends forward and wiggles side to side. Same in slow motion. We did two versions of this because her swinging boobs took too long to come to a complete rest. Mashes her boobs against the floor then rises up again. Down again and then dragging the boobs backwards. Still bending forward. Holds her left boob and swings big circles with her right side. Same in slow motion. Swinging boobs as seen between her legs. Same in slow motion.

Tries on a yellow tube top. Pulls it over her boobs till they pop out. Then decides on a bright blue tube top. Pulls it down also, then up under her boobs. Plays with her hair and does a dance motion. Places her boobs against our clear plexi-glass and plays with them. Mashes them, wiggles them. Bounces her boobs forward and backward while leaning forward. Same in slow motion. We try several different angled views for this. Wiggles out of her blue jeans. Now just in panties and a bright blue tube top. Has a hard time with the leg portion of the jeans. Tosses them. Side boob view while standing. Her boobs swing as seen between her legs. Same in slow motion. Sitting pose, squeezes her boobs out of the way with her upper arms. Let’s go.

A wiggling boob sequence while sitting with legs crossed. Same in slow motion. Laying on her back, pushes her boobs together and then let’s go. Boobs pushed together while on her back. Pushes her boobs together and lets go. Same in slow motion. Side view, lifts a boob and wiggles it while on her back. Lifts it way up and drops it. Same in slow motion. Switches from one side to the other. Lifts both boobs by the nipples, pulls them way up and then together, then let’s go. Boob juggling while on her back. Same in slow motion. Lifting and dropping in slow motion. Vacuum pump attached to her right nipple. Pulls and drops the boob. Re-attaches the device but has a hard time maintaining a vacuum. Slow motion pumping. Lifts and wiggles. Same in slow motion. We switch to the manual breast pump and run through some of the same routines. A slow motion pull of the nipple.

While on her back, Daphne moves her body back and forth to move the boobs back and forth. Same in slow motion. Rolls from side to side as we watch her boobs roll with that motion. Same in slow motion. Does some sit-ups. Flat on her back again. Gets her panties off. Our first pussy views. Ahhh, a natural redhead. Knees to the chest affords us a better look at the shape of her ass and her pussy overall. We explore the region between her thighs with a video camera trip in the region. Flexes her legs in and out of a “V” shape. We zoom super deep into the caverns of her pussy as she flexes that region. A super wide and intimate look. Pulls back on her clit. Flexes it. Another wide out pussy lip spread. Pulls the pussy up and down with another super wide spread of both inner and outer lips. Spreads and releases. Same in slow motion. Rubs her pubic mound a bit. Pulls on her landing strip a bit. Spanks her own butt. Wiggles it some. Bends over forward. Face between the boobs. Lifts the right boob and drops it a few times. Smacks into the left boob. Same in slow motion. Then lifts the left side. Same in slow motion.

She puts on some black fishnet thigh highs and a fancy black top that has a hard time containing the full LENGTH of her boobs without coaxing. We look at her pussy again. Attaches garters from the top to the thigh highs. Jiggles her boobs in the top. Pops one boob out and wiggles it. Pulls the top up and off. The boobs are hanging naturally again. Lifts both at the same time and drops them. Leans forward to lift and drop her boobs. Same in slow motion. Boob choke and wiggle in slow motion. Lifting her boobs by the nipples and dropping them. Same in slow motion.

Daphne has discovered our dildo collection and picks out her favorite to play with. A clear dildo with blue bumps over a large portion of the shaft. Her pussy is getting juicy wet and is oozing a beautiful female cum out of the bottom portion. We have about five minutes of play with a couple of slow motion sequences. Daphne bids us farewell and bounces off our set in the final slow motion action. Here’s one amateur we (and you) will not soon forget.


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