Mo’ Boobs Mo’ problems

Sunday, March 11, 2012



Mo’ Boobs Mo’ problems

Stars: Bridgette B, Alexis Breeze

The huge breasts ya have, the mo’ problems you’re gonna get! Big tits Latina Alexis Breeze plays the part of private driver. She stands outside of the house talking to her boss complaining that the person she has to pick up isn’t opening the door. That person in the house happens to be blonde large tits Bridgette B. Alexis gets fed up and quietly goes into the house while Bridgette speaks on the phone, topless. Alexis walks away and officially meets Bridgette at the front door. While inside, Bridgette walks away from the living room. Alexis, a huge fan of Bridgette, strips down and reveals her luscious breasts. Bridgette walks back to see Alexis naked in her living room. Bridgette has a plane to catch and Alexis begging to get with her doesn’t help matters. Bridgette tells Alexis to continue to pack her bags and makes the idiotic decision of turning her back to a sex-obsessed fan. Alexis proceeds to knock Bridgette out. Bridgette wakes up in purple rope and soon can’t help her attraction to Alexis. They go at each other’s goodies until they’re satisfied.



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