This Dick Stood no Chance in the Mountain of Cleavage

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



This Dick Stood no Chance in the Mountain of Cleavage

How do you make a 10 inch dick look like five inches? I’ll tell you. Surround it bye a pair of humongous NATURAL 38DDD huge breasts! Sara’s freakishly large FUNBAGS provide more than enough inspiration to make the deadest DICK rise and salute. Secured to a MILKING bench, Sara’s slave is bound by the wrists and ankles using genuine leather restraints. The defenseless DICK is under TOTAL control of the big tits bully. With her Oversized TITS completely drenched in oil, Sara smothers the cock with her insane cleavage. The penis responds instantly swelling in length and width as the handjob begins. Sara strokes the throbbing man muscle, while her SUPER tits engulf the ERECTION whole. The dual sensation of Sara’s soft hands and Massive mammaries prove too much for the PENIS. The defeated dick surrenders its SEMEN directly between Sara’s honey chest. She MILKS the dick bone dry by forcefully squeezing it from shaft to head. Satisfied that there is no more SEMEN to be had, she attacks the super SENSITVE head of the PENIS inflicting extreme discomfort upon the helpless Erection.

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