This brutal Post Orgasm Milking is Hard to Watch

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



This brutal Post Orgasm Milking is Hard to Watch

No one will ever accuse big boobs Mandy of talking too much but when you have natural 38E Monster Melons it doesn’t matter. She is fully aware the power her magnificent JUMBO tits have over the male penis. She caresses her giant Funbags squeezing them together creating amazing cleavage. The helpless cock begins to swell and the testicles fill with sperm. Mandy strokes the cock slowly, just enough to keep it hard but not enough to achieve ejaculation. The constant torment and teasing causes the dick to explode sending seminal fluid shooting everywhere. Mandy’s not DONE! She proceeds to give this cock one of the most brutal post orgasm milkings I have ever filmed. It’s so intense it makes her slave turns into a bitch begging for her stop! Mandy could care less, she continues stroking the sensitive member until she is satisfied.

Downloading Big Busty 0015_This_brutal_Post_Orgasm_Milking_is_Hard_to_Watch.wmv | 144.6 MB

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