0616_15527 – Dona Bell & Sheila Grant – Top-heavy honeys tease! – July 13, 2011 – 135 pics – 22min vids

Saturday, December 31, 2011


15527 – Dona Bell & Sheila Grant – Top-heavy honeys tease! – July 13, 2011 – 135 pics – 22min vids

I imagine that I’m in Vegas, working as an accountant for Mr. Big, a top gangster
and while he’s out meeting with other bosses making big deals, I’m waiting around in his hotel suite with his two sexy molls: brunette Sheila and blonde Dona. They’re restless and try to amuse themselves playing cards while I tend to my accountant duties. But then they decide it would be much more fun if they could tease lil ole horny me with a sexy show. After all, they know how much I want them, but I don’t have a chance since they belong to Mr. Big! They tell me to sit off to the side while they enjoy themselves, and instruct me not to touch my cock because that would make it like they were cheating with me on Mr. Big. But it’ll be okay if I get blue balls watching them fondle each other through their tight dresses! They strip down and suck their tits and lick their pussies. I see Dona’s tongue flicking on Sheila’s clit, and they let me sniff the mix of perspiration and perfume that’s coming off their bodies as they rub their snatches together on the poker table, sliding around on the cards and chips. Dona glances over at me and looks sympathetic, knowing how hard my dick is watching them
but she knows that it wouldn’t be a good idea if Mr. Big came back and found me whacking off to his two top babes. So I sit back and just watch Dona lapping Sheila’s box, and then Sheila returning the favor with her own tongue. As an accountant, I’m shocked by how they waste good booze by pouring it all over their titties, but as a male I’m rock-hard observing the liquor slide and gleam along their racks. I really want to get in there and lick their tits, but it’s a no-no. Instead I sit off to the side with a hard-on the size of a house, while Sheila and Dona have orgasm after orgasm and I leak in my pants at their spectacular show! I just hope Mr. Big never gets wind of what’s been going on in his hotel suite while he’s been out making deals, or I might end up with a pair of cement shoes!!



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