Lilya – Immense beauty

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lilya – Immense beauty

Lilya - Immense beauty

Immense beauty

17 Mar 2010

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model Lilya

Being a child Lilya gave way to her hang-ups about her enormous breasts but when grew up she noticed that big tits is an indispensable attention from men in any company wherever she went and sacred envy from girlfriends who wouldn’t mind to have a bit.

Men on the streets turn around Lilya and there is no single person who looks into her eyes while talking to that “reach in body” full-bosomed girl.

Lilya is a real rural girl. She can easily throw off all everyday care and have rest even sing a heartfelt song. And at the same time she can fondle, soothe, and console a man on her puffy breasts.

With men Lilya shows striking mildness, languor, and femininity. And they like it!

Her favorite color is blue. Her sign is Cancer. Her motto is working hard – eating well. | 18.57 MB

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