Dorothy 38DDD – Your Bra Is Too Small!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dorothy 38DDD – Your Bra Is Too Small!
Stars: Dorothy
Dorothy has 38DDD’s & in this series we watch them bounce, jiggle & wiggle in most creative ways. Boob wiggling while bending over. Boob wiggling as seen from the rear. She flips her boobs into her face… We measure her boobs in girth, then in length as well as from nipple to nipple. Bending over, on all fours. She can make her boobs do circles. How many ways can you play with boobs & a bra? A little bit more bra play. Boob swinging while bending over. Still flat on her back. Playing with her nipples. Trying to do setups…Here she is in a bra that is painfully too small… Boob juggling & boob smashing. Lifting & dropping the boobs. Lays herself on top of the boobs. A ground level view of what massive boobs look like. Sit-ups are difficult to do. Watch how these boobs move as she tries sit-ups. A sideways view swinging like a pendulum.


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Duration : 00:57:06

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