Kore Goddess 38JJ

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Kore Goddess 38JJ
Stars: Kore Goddess
Kore Goddess is a full 38JJ Goddess. Her left boob pops out. A lot of teasing, wiggling & jiggling. You can tell she loves her boobs. Both boobs now fully exposed & a wiggle side to side while bending over. Stuffing bobs into her bra. Pulls the bra up from the bottom & lets the boobs flop out. They truly are massive. Bouncing them by jumping up & down. Single jumps. This was all pretty unscripted… She was just exhibiting her own brand of silliness. More wiggle side to side. Make the boobs do circles… (She can do that!) Boob juggling (you all know what that is now!) Lifting the boobs by the nipples. Side view of same. Alternating left & right lifts. The over & under pose for the boobs. Nipples tight together. More variations on boob juggling as seen from the side. Boob side views to show the hang! Swinging side to side as seen from the back then the front. Boob flinging..


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